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“In order to become rich, you must connect to your desire for money and the key to doing this is by getting clear on the specifics around your Why?: Why do you desire this money? What will you spend it on? How will it feel to make it, spend it, & bask in the manifestation of your ever so important Why? Just wanting to get rich isn’t going to cut it- there has to be meaning behind the money or else the second it gets hard or expensive or someone tells you you’re high if you think you can get rich by selling your homemade ice cream, you’ll slink back to your goat pen of complacency instead of doing whatever it takes.” -Jen Sincero  

This quote is so important to me because it wakes me up to the fact I have to chase my dream for plans & take them to fruition. I shouldn’t just be writing about it, but taking action matters SOOO much to me that it is what makes me feel alive.  

First of all, I desire this money to make my dreams alive, to travel the world, donate to organizations I care about, to make my projects come alive & to inspire others to make their dreams come alive no matter where they came from. 

Secondly, I will spend this money on the steps I need to take to make my dreams come alive, travel expenses, clothes & shoes, etc. for my fashion blog,  dance classes & courses I might need to take in fashion to make that dream come alive & photography classes because I’ve always wanted to improve that as well. Same goes for makeup.

Thirdly, I imagine it will feel like I have reached freedom, the glory of having all that I have ever wanted in my life. To live & breathe the riches must feel like there are no restrictions in life as to what I can spend it on.

This post is inspired by the book, “You are a Badass at Making Money,” by Jen Sincero  

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