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“If you’re serious about creating a new reality, you must do different things & think different thoughts.” -Jen Sincero

It feels like I’ve been serious about creating a new reality for myself for a while now. The reason I haven’t taken action on it is because of the means I’m on. The only things I’m doing are taking dance classes, working on my blog & reading to educate myself. I know it’s not much, however when you are the kind of person that I am, there’s only so much I can do & I’d rather do what I am passionate about than do something that has nothing to do with that. Of course it makes to me, rather than to another person. 

It does feel like I am in a stagnant state because I’m not out of my comfort zones. I strive to get out of that rut in order to live my best life. I’m not sure how exactly to get out of my comfirt zones except to escape it to a city where I feel alive. I have a plan for myself & I just need to get over there. 

Whenever I am reading to educate myself, it does feel like I am thinking differently. I just need to do different things. I know what those things are & I just need to go do them. This is vital to me because it’s what I strive to be. 

*On another note, these blog posts feel real personal each time I write about them since I’m being honest & clear about how I feel about each quote. 

This post is inspired by the book, “You are a Badass at Making Money,” by Jen Sincero  


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