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“…I don’t care how insane or hopeless your situation appears to you right now, because it’s not the truth, it’s just what you’re experiencing at the moment.” -Jen Sincero

I’ll give you an example of my situation. I feel that I can’t do much because of what’s not on my resume. I have a second resume for dance & I actually have something on there that can get me an audition. I know I need get more experience to add to both of my resumés. I take dance classes to improve my strength, confidence & coordination on each count of the step or move. This is something I deeply passionate about & I can’t get enough of it. I don’t get tired of dance.

On the other hand, for fashion, I love it so much that if it wasn’t in my life Idn what I would do with myself. I have to look great for myself. It’s my other passion. I only follow fashion blogs & see what’s new in fashion magazines & on Instagram. It bothers me on a daily basis that it feels that I don’t breathe fashion. By that, I mean working in fashion.

I have to be what I want to be because there’s no other option. I have to succeed because it’s the only choice I have. I get that mistakes and failures build you up to make you who you are today. It’s the freedom that I am after. It’s not just the freedom that I am after, I have to tell my story to inspire those who are living in middle America & need to believe in themselves in order to make their dreams come to fruition.

Again, this is just what I am experiencing & it’s not the truth. I believe that the truth is I’m going to be successful in what I want to pursue in order to be the person I must become. The truth is that I’m going to have everything that I want, whether it’s my plans for dreams, materialistic things, experiences & memories made with friends, people that I will work or collaborate with. 

This post is inspired by the book, “You are a Badass at Making Money,” by Jen Sincero  

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