Reprogram Your Mindset





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“One of the best ways to reprogram your mindset is through affirmations.” -Jen Sincero    

I’m working on improving myself & to reprogram my mindset. By doing so, I am reading business books to educate myself. I believe this helps reprogram my mindset so that I be stronger have a wealthier mindset so that I can reach that level. Just because I’m not there yet doesn’t mean I can’t tell myself that. I’m working on myself to better myself as well as taking notes so that I can apply what I have learned.

This post is inspired by the book, “You are a Badass at Making Money,” by Jen Sincero  

One thought on “Reprogram Your Mindset

  1. Sarah,
    I enjoyed reading your post. You’re absolutely right, you have to be able to envision your goals and start with micro-goals to get to your macro-goals. Your mindset and attitude will make or break you, I emphasize that a lot in my book 365 Days Smarter wish you all the best on your journey of personal development, believing in yourself and working hard will not only ensure your success, but you will become a better version of yourself.For more tips and inspirational messages, you may stay in the loop at
    Take care,Rashida


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