Importance of Being Persian

I did a photoshoot last week with a photographer via Snappr & it went very well. The photos are amazing! i had so much fun!

My Persian culture is important to me because it involves family & my Persian friends & the hospitality. The best part of being Persian is the food because it brings family together & its not just the fragrance of the food while it is being cooked & then served. There are certain ways of doing things, just like every culture has. For example, when you enter and the leave the party, you have to say hello to EVERYONE and say bye to everyone before you leave, even if they’re not in the room but are at the party. That’s just how it is. Us, Persians will ask you several times if you want the pastry/dinner or tea until you say, “yes,” even if you don’t want it. It’s called being polite. I’ve learned to not be too polite. You can reject a dish politely, but I don’t know how to do that. Although, if I’m allergic to it, I know how to say politely, “no, thank you.” I enjoy celebrating my Persian culture every new year, which is on the first day of spring. We celebrate this as a new beginning or a fresh start. I’ve actually jumped over candles, so that I’m jumping over the fire. This symbolizes taking away the negativity. This is one of my favorite days of the year because I celebrate it with my relatives & cousins. One of my favorite things about being Persian is always looking our best, no matter the occasion or event. It’s always fun.

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