What My Goals for Dreams Mean to Me

Having goals are good, but actually executing those goals & taking them to fruition are what make you incredible. How you’re going to take those goals to fruition is part of the process. The whole thing is to become who you’re supposed to be & the person you’re going to be that will make you successful. All this is good & all, but you have to take steps to reach farther for those goals & actually make connections & make money to take these goals to fruition. Experience in any field is vital. As someone who is working on herself to strive to be better each day, I have some experience in fashion & some in dance. And I continue to work on what I have to do to be the person that will bring me to my best self where I’ll be successful.

To be deeply passionate about what I want to pursue, I don’t suffer for my art. Dance is my form of art. Fashion is the medium I use to express myself. I know it’s also an art form, but I mainly focus on dance. The best dancers can fund their profession – same for choreographers. I have to educate myself in dance by taking the classes in person, not just the dance tutorials. It has to be something that I can put on my dance resumé. I can watch dance videos all day & get so hyped about it. It inspires & motivates me to freestyle dance & to create my own choreography for the songs I can actually dance to(except for EDM). Dance is not just something I enjoy, it fuels my passion & it makes me come alive. I can feel it in my bones. Dance actually makes me want to improve myself on a physical level & actually follow through with it.

On the other hand, fashion presents who I’d like to be, who I can become & who I aspire to be. On this level, its like I can change my life with fashion. By that I mean, with my personal style I can wear outfits that show my true self. It’s more than looking good for the photos, it’s the body language aspect. It’s not like I know something about psychology & fashion, but I know alot about myself to say what’s on my mind. Sure, there’s psychology about fashion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean what you’re wearing has a full psychological report on your present life. I love fashion & it’s beautiful & inspiring. It’s one of the creative spaces where you can create anything you want & it’s magic!

The best thing to do for yourself is self-talk so that you can self-discipline & work on yourself from starting with you. The habits that you have are what help you become successful. There are so many ways to change your life. There are so many ways to transform your life that you can only pick one to make a difference in your own world. You can choose what universe you want to live in, even though we live on the same Earth. I can choose what world I want to live in & create my present so that I can change my present & my future.

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