How I Created Esjaadi











Whenever I’m asked what Esjaadi means, my go to is: It is what my initials, SJD, sounds like. However, I like that it sounds Persian because that’s what half of me is. I’ve been figuring out what the name really means for me. I feel like this is something I can only explain on a music level. I like the artist, Massari who is Arabic. Abir is amazing, she’s Indian. I don’t know of any Persian artists who are popular today. I’ve heard of Googoosh, who is a wonderful Persian singer. There’s also Raja Kumari, who is a great Indian artist. I didn’t create the name to make it sound Persian, I wanted that to be my name for insta. And it is: @esjaadi. Plus, the name could be my nickname. I know it is silly to give yourself a nickname.

I feel like Esjaadi is who I should be & who I want to be. I want to be that person who took her work in progress to completed & took it farther. I know on a mental level, we’ll be working in progress continuously. Esjaadi is the woman I aspire to be so that I gain that confidence to overcome my fears. Isn’t what we’re all after?

Side note: Maybe Esjaadi is my alter ego. The woman I can actually be. Kind of like how some artists create a name for themselves for their stage name. Although, this isn’t a stage, this is life.

So, what is Esjaadi? She is bougie. Her mindset is wealthy & bougie. She has expensive taste. Her taste is expensive like Pagani Huayra. She has great style but style isn’t everything. Her desire is to travel the world – solo, dine in the sky, stay at the giraffe manor, scuba dive in the Caribbean, sky dive in Dubai, UAE; & soooo many other things. She’s powerful, intelligent, loyal, creative, diligent & strong. I know what I want & I’m going to get it.

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