What Universe I Live In





I believe my life should be a music video. Something like a hip hop or pop music video. It’s eclectic glamour. It’s not like a Broadway musical. It’s more like everyone is glamorous, they have nice cars, dressed elegantly & the location is in a beautiful home. I am unapologetically a material girl, but at the same time, I’d rather travel the world & make memories & have different experiences than go on a shopping spree. My mindset is bougie, so I am determined to fit my life into that. I perceive my life to always have the best food wherever I go. I only want the best – whether it is clothes, experiences, memories, friends or what ever comes my way. I know I deserve the best. I just need to work my way towards that high. This isn’t some “fantasy” that you think I live in. I’d rather create my own reality, create my own world & take everything to fruition to show that I can do what I want & not have to worry too much. It’s important to not care what anyone thinks of me or what I do.

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