Change My World

I’m bathing in nature on this beautiful day in the North Bay of California. So, don’t mind me. I thought it would be fun to use this scarf as a prop in my photoshoot by myself. No mask? Well, no one else was around me and I’m outside. Also, I know the shadow of my phone are in the photos. All these photos are unfiltered.

I believe I can change the world, my world, that I live in. I know how I’m going to to do this, but I don’t share my next move with anyone. That would be unfair to me because then everyone would expect me to do this or that. I’d rather be the unexpected. If someone were to ask me what’s next from me, I’d tell them they will find out later. I won’t tell them right then and there because it is not fun to always expect things from a person. I don’t give away all my ideas because others will take credit for what I had thought of originally. That’s not cool.

There are SOOO many things that I want to pursue in my life that I believe will change my world & make my world a better place to live in for me. I know I sound narcissistic, but I’m not. You see, I didn’t get the opportunity or chance to live selfishly in my twenties. I plan to live selfishly in my thirties and do everything that I have to do to take my goals to fruition so that I can be successful. I need to work on personal development and work on learning Farsi, which is the language that is spoken in Iran. It does feel like I have alot of projects on my mind and they are important to me.

How am I going to change my world? By funding the things that I want to pursue. It is none of your business of how I will fund my goals. I will figure that out so I can change the world I want to live in and donate to organizations I care about. Currently, I’m using the outfits on my blog to express who I am & who I’d like to be. I know I have potential to be the kind of fashion person that I want to become. I have to work on being her. Let’s GO!

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