Known For This

It feels like there are a bunch of things that I want to be known for. It is about being remembered for who I want to be known for. It is not about fame. I don’t care about that. If it happens to me while I am alive, I’ll use it for good and not take advantage. I’ll be sure everyone who knows me personally & those who were in passing knows who I am. I was born for a reason. Life is about becoming the person that I’m meant to be. I was born to be a writer and tell my story on a fashion level and on a mental health level.

The things that I want to be known for are for being a professional writer, a travel influencer and a fashion influencer. All of these go hand in hand, however, I want to become a fashion influencer before I travel the world. I want to be known for my 3D printed project. Of which I won’t reveal until I take that one to fruition. I know that idea is very special and it is unique. The idea I have for an accessory is unlike no other and technically no one has seen the design before. It is very colorful and intricate in design.

I want to be known for these things because it is part of what I am passionate about. I want to make my passion my paycheck. That’s important. Now, to be known for who I want to be takes quality over quantity. I like that kind of thing. I am that person. It is not only materialistic, but I’d rather be a quality person. Having the high fashion things does not necessarily make you a quality person. If you have one Louis Vuitton bag and it was a gift and everything else had cost you less than $1,000 in total of your outfit, in my perception that does not make you luxurious nor does it really make you more of a quality person. On the other side, if everything you are wearing is high fashion and dressed to be the best, that does make you look luxurious and of quality. However, what’s curious to me, is if that person has a quality mindset and if they have a quality personality. I don’t know much about fashion psychology, although the person with one Louis Vuitton bag could be working towards that lifestyle… Or maybe just wanted the bag because it is Louis Vuitton. Who knows?

Anyways, it is important to me to be known for being a writer and for being a fashion influencer. At this point in my life, I’m an aspiring fashion influencer and an aspiring professional writer. I have a lot of work to do and I’m willing to go for for my goals and take them to fruition. This is how I’m going to tell my story – through my blog and through my Instagram (@iamesjaadi and @esjaadi). I believe it is important to tell my story here and show the world that you can take your goals to fruition despite the mental health struggles. This is my volition.

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