Pure & Brilliance

This editorial is absolutely beautiful. It exudes goodness, sincerity and calmness. I love B&W photos. Somehow it resembles the nostalgia of the past, even though it is a new editorial. These photos also make it a classic. It has a sense of simplicity to it. Ph. The Fashionography  

Ola Rudnicka for Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2016

These are my favorite outfits from this editorial. Idn why, but clothes always look better in minimal wind. It shows the shape of the silhouette. I also love photo shoots by the beach. It’s soooo relaxing, beautiful, soothing & elegant. It also gives depth to the clothes. I love the shades of blue, here. It’sContinue reading “Ola Rudnicka for Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2016”

Anthony Vaccarello RTW Fall 2016 PFW

Here are some of my favorites from the collection. He is one of my favorite designers because  his style is sooooo edgy, dark and chic. I love the low cut dress and blazer. I wouldn’t wear it myself because I would feel like I’m exposed…unless I’m wearing something under it. That would make the outfitContinue reading “Anthony Vaccarello RTW Fall 2016 PFW”

Loewe RTW Fall 2016

Here are my two favorite looks from Loewe. They are soooo chic and beautiful. I know the fashion weeks are over, but it doesn’t bother me that I can still can talk about my favorite peice from my favorite designers. The black dress symbolizes dignified, impressive, mysterious with a hint of dependability and patience.  TheContinue reading “Loewe RTW Fall 2016”

Chloe Fall 2016 RTW

I really like this collection since it has an equestrian vibe…or maybe it’s just the colors that give off that vibe. Beige is dependable & relaxing while white is brilliant & spiritual. They are opposite emotions in terms of strength. The mustard yellow dress symbolizes optimism & loyalty as well as building confidence. The mauveContinue reading “Chloe Fall 2016 RTW”