Loewe RTW Fall 2016

Here are my two favorite looks from Loewe. They are soooo chic and beautiful. I know the fashion weeks are over, but it doesn’t bother me that I can still can talk about my favorite peice from my favorite designers. The black dress symbolizes dignified, impressive, mysterious with a hint of dependability and patience.  TheContinue reading “Loewe RTW Fall 2016”

Chloe Fall 2016 RTW

I really like this collection since it has an equestrian vibe…or maybe it’s just the colors that give off that vibe. Beige is dependable & relaxing while white is brilliant & spiritual. They are opposite emotions in terms of strength. The mustard yellow dress symbolizes optimism & loyalty as well as building confidence. The mauveContinue reading “Chloe Fall 2016 RTW”