Mental Health of an Artist

Keeping yourself inspired, energized & ready to write is important. Being able to style an outfit for myself so that it looks great is also important. So is mental health. I consider myself an artist in terms of writing because I want to be that great of a writer as well as be myself. ItContinue reading “Mental Health of an Artist”

Importance of Being Persian

I did a photoshoot last week with a photographer via Snappr & it went very well. The photos are amazing! i had so much fun! My Persian culture is important to me because it involves family & my Persian friends & the hospitality. The best part of being Persian is the food because it bringsContinue reading “Importance of Being Persian”

Lady Rose

I don’t know why I am drawn to roses. Maybe it’s the romantic feel & the sensual vibe. It could be that it’s the most beautiful & ladylike of the flowers. On of my favorite flowers is the bird of paradise. It also known as the Strelitzia. I’m not really into flowers, however I amContinue reading “Lady Rose”