What My Goals for Dreams Mean to Me

Having goals are good, but actually executing those goals & taking them to fruition are what make you incredible. How you’re going to take those goals to fruition is part of the process. The whole thing is to become who you’re supposed to be & the person you’re going to be that will make youContinue reading “What My Goals for Dreams Mean to Me”

The Case for Not Being Wealthy

Wealth is what I aspire to have in terms of memories, experiences & friends. Also, I aspire to be self-aware. In order to do this, I educate myself in self-help books, business & finance books as well. It’s all well & good being wealthy in material things & being wealthy in financial terms. However, havingContinue reading “The Case for Not Being Wealthy”

Financial Situation

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “My financial situation is temporary, it’s not who I am, it’s where I am, money is all around me, I’m a find some & make this happen.” -Jen Sincero I can relate to this because I believe I can get out my stagnant situation. It’s who I am. It’s where IContinue reading “Financial Situation”

Glamour & Fantasy

I love the glitz & glamour of fashion editorials, especially all in haute couture. Some may see it as impractical or fantasy because it is strictly for runway or display only. Others may see it as pure glamour that can be worn on stage, for performance, or at special events. I don’t see the glitzContinue reading “Glamour & Fantasy”

Versus Versace LFW SS17

Here are some of my favorite looks from Versus Versace. I don’t have one in particular that I really like. All four of them are amazing. I love the rebellious look of each outfit. It makes me nostalgic of the days when I wore clothes to rebel against society. Except, I think I wore rippedContinue reading “Versus Versace LFW SS17”

Snow Brilliant

I love the look of black & white clothes on the snowy mountains. It looks soooo ethereal & magical. This editorial looks like angels might live here. Not only is it a gorgeous view, but it is full of life & power.  Song on my mind right now: Pound the Alarm by Nicki Minaj. It’sContinue reading “Snow Brilliant”

Proenza Schouler NYFW Fall 2016 RTW

One little detail that I very much liked about this collection was the lace up detail. Its edgy and rebellious. I think the lace up symbolizes a bit of sexiness to it. What do you think it resembles? I like the lace up symbol here where its more powerful. What do you think of the collection? Ph.Continue reading “Proenza Schouler NYFW Fall 2016 RTW”