Part 4 – Follow my Lead (Insider Status)

When you lead by example, you become the one to look up to. You become part of the crowd and you don’t feel like a misfit, even of that is how you were brought up. This person is accepted by society not just by their looks, but by their intelligence. Their vision that appeared toContinue reading “Part 4 – Follow my Lead (Insider Status)”

This is Where you Belong – Insider Status (Part 3)

The emotions and the vibe that is expressed through dance is enthusiastic, colorful, powerful, and shows a lot of strength. (mentally and physically) When I wear something that is an extensions of my mind, it shows not only who I am without having to speak, but presents who I must become. For example, the spiritContinue reading “This is Where you Belong – Insider Status (Part 3)”

Part 2 – Beautiful Swan (Insider Status)

    The swan does not only feel beautiful, but has beauty within. She feels pretty on the inside. When she feels like a bird, she can be more outspoken and flap her wings to make herself larger than she is to show others who’s boss. She is free to do what she wants, whenever andContinue reading “Part 2 – Beautiful Swan (Insider Status)”

Insider Status – Hard Worker(Part1)

When I work on something that I am passionate about, it is what I have always dreamed of. Even though is something that I have frequently spoken of, its better to show them how its done. I have thought about it so frequently that I have believed it would happen. It is important to comprehendContinue reading “Insider Status – Hard Worker(Part1)”


Fashion Elite: What have you taught me? Not be an elitist. That’s for sure. Keep it simple. Your actions are louder than your words. Glitz & Glamour touches up any outfit. It appears being an aristocrat will get you anywhere besides your own merits. What is talent without power and confidence? These days, we needContinue reading “Opulence”

Write me an emotion

I feel that fashion magazines just add quotes to editorials for nonsense. Sometimes it is just a random quote from a model/actor. If the quote is from an artist, I expect it to thought-provoking and intriguing. The textual meaning of editorials on the surface has a satirical message to prove there’s darkness in comedy. IfContinue reading “Write me an emotion”

What is in a fancy word?

What makes a word so, “fancy”? Just because you add a fancy word to that object, it becomes prominent, better and more important than anything. I know this is nothing new, but the concept of something being fancy comes from creating power and regards itself to imagery. The word, “fancy” is associated with creativity andContinue reading “What is in a fancy word?”

Don’t coy this

Being romantic says you crave what you desire most. What you need most is the beauty of your dreams! Everyone deserves that and no less. It says you are sweet and honest. You are not afraid to present your gorgeous and playful side in the bed to the street. Who cares what they say?! YouContinue reading “Don’t coy this”