How to create your own world

Define a particular world you are pursuing. Give your definition to every aspect of it until it is refined as your own perception. Dress yourself accordingly. If people are telling you to get back to reality, remind yourself you are creating your own world that cannot be touched nor screwed with. Create what you haveContinue reading “How to create your own world”

Peace Through Flora

Flora is a sign of heaven and rebirth into the creature you have become. You die and then you go to heaven to be reborn as someone you have to be see yourself in God’s eyes-Whether or not you believe he exists. I believe in religion, no atheism here. there’s beauty in everything. Not everyoneContinue reading “Peace Through Flora”

Pray for the Day

The cross is a symbol of Christianity. It is a symbol of earth, wind, air and fire and the four directional. When the cross is turned upside down, is it anarchy? It is not anarchy. The inverted cross symbolize that St. Simon Peter (One of the twelve apostles of Jesus) was crucified upside as humilityandContinue reading “Pray for the Day”

Just a Little Devilish

It symbolizes life after death. Washes away human sin. wards off evil and send bad vibes to those who oppose them. An icon of good luck. Symbolizes luck in adversity. Reverses bad luck. Does not necessarily mean they are part of a cult nor that, “evil is near.”   The fact that some skulls areContinue reading “Just a Little Devilish”

Doth Not be Afraid

“I get high off fashion. Its high fashion.”   Being intimidated by those who wear high fashion as street wear is like being afraid of heights and you don’t want to look down. You are tempted to look down to see how high up you are. You look down and are very afraid of theContinue reading “Doth Not be Afraid”

The Substance of Fashion

No one in Boston wears crazy things in a toned-down city. Its all very mellow. I see conformity in Boston: The same boring black/green/navy blue/beige jackets, two-tone or bold scarfs, same black shades, same jeans every season, lack of diverse prints/texture, same bold-color tops that match the interior of the location their at, same long-hairContinue reading “The Substance of Fashion”


Why would you wear something that doesn’t make you happy? Don’t feel bad for not liking what everyone pretends to love. -Emma Watson Just because something is trendy, does not mean it is something you have to wear. You are not obligated to talk about it. Even if there’s bloggers all over the trend andContinue reading “Happy”

Black Out

The color black doesn’t always mean a bad thing nor an “emo” personality. This color has always appeared mysterious to me.   “Black is arrogant and modest at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you-don’t bother me.” -Yohji Yamamoto (via) This hue doesContinue reading “Black Out”

Dream Mirrors

You’ve the heard the reasons on the surface why you experience what you dream of. Whether it be running away, an object is overwhelming huge, it could be the temperature in your room or what you ate before you walked to your room to sleep. These are all common symbols experienced in dreams. What youContinue reading “Dream Mirrors”