No one is Wearing That

Its important to wear what no one is wearing because you will stand out from the crowd. Its crucial to your personal style so that you can express who you must become and be who want to be. You will stand out amongst the conformity of trends so that you will shine brighter than you were.


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The Essence of an Image


Is there a difference between what looks good, what sounds good and how that makes you feel?

The look of an image has glamour, luxury, and power.

What I hear from this image is being beautiful and better than yourself.

Feelings: confidence, drive, ambition, passion, love


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Honor Thy Message


The entertainment industry is not as honest as I would like it to be-then again, where’s the fun in all of it.  I wonder who is really honest behind all the glitz and glam. Curious, isn’t?

It appears to be fantasy to some, although that fantasy can be as real as you want it to be. Sometimes, they like to figure out who you are and to see if you really know this business like you say you do and what secrets you know and who you know.

Everyone has their own perception of what reality is, what beauty is and what the truth really is. The real, definite truth is what is inside you.

“To all the kids that’s watching. You can do this shit yourself. Be yourself, fuck the system.” -Tyler, the Creator

Do not be bothered by what they say and think. They can motivate you as well.

“Fashion is the most powerful art there is; its movement, design, architecture, all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.” -Blair GG

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. -Rachel Zoe

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All Black Everything Pt. 5

The villain is dressed as the color of the night because he or she has power over something or someone. The color black matches their mindset because of the power they have.

The hero who is dressed in all black has great strength and the ability to control things or people for good. He or she is a citizen in disguise and those only close to them know the truth. They are respected by, the power to give order and makes something seem true. They are not living in the shadow of another. They have power over people. They work hard to achieve respect, not fame.

The social status of the hero is to protect his or her identity. He or she has formality, a bit of mystery, strength and authority. The color also represent the end and implies a new beginning as the hero is the protector of evil. The hero stops the negativity in it’s tracks and sheds a new light on the situation.

Ph. Batman  &  Venom

All Black Everything Pt. 4


    The color black in hip hop resembles mystery and power, authority and strength. The color has an affect on the emotions as well to create confidence and to increase sense of potential. The influence of the color of black in hip hop is to represent the possibility of what that person is capable of. Their words have the power to change to your mind, the way you think and how you see the world. Most importantly, hip hop has the power to inspire you and drive you towards what you want in life.
     The color black can be intimidating as it exudes power. It also the attribute of authority. It protects you from negativity and implies a strong will. Women who choose the color black give an impression of sophistication and elegance.

You don’t see how we do things, but you hear about it and see the outcome. That’s how success reveals itself.

Ph. Missy Elliott


When I think of palm tree, it makes me feel serene and at peace with myself. The beach is portrayed in fashion to resemble a sense of calm and new beginnings. The ocean resembles something fresh and new as if something great clicks in your mind.

The palm trees are a solar symbol and possesses both female & male attributes. The female quality is the fruit it bears. The male quality is rising above.
In dream form, palm trees symbolize our rise over the struggle. Its a message of happiness of a higher order. It represents hope and peace. The beach represents the meeting your states of mind; the sand is your rational brain and the ocean is your irrational brain. The ocean in the dream when its calm produces positive results.

To me, paradise means living the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. The palm trees represent a lavish lifestyle, the carefee and relaxed life in the Bahamas.

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Sell a feeling

Makeup Ruts

 I perceive fashion editorials by selling a status, lifestyle, a way of life & present how to wear something, where to wear it, where to go, what to do and how to spend it. I want to feel that. I want to experience that emotion! I want to know what that feels like!

The balance of purple and grey is quite sophisticated with a hint of gold. Together, blue & gold are royal to me. In the eyes of the beholder, it means honesty and courage. Purple vocalizes the grandeur while the grey states of being conservative.
In other words, between dignity and formal, there’s a hint of passion and wisdom.

ph: Vogue

Color me lyrical

     Hip hop has a huge influence on me in terms of dance style and where I get my inspiration and motivation from. This genre of music in particular has taught me life lessons, to always be yourself and how to not let others talk you into not being yourself, what you can do to drive yourself to be successful, what love & relationships are like, explains some emotions I feel when I cannot explain them, myself. Hip hop has let me express myself on an emotional level-in a way, the music is there when no one else is.

     I could just present what hip hop means to me with every quote or photo with it’s quote, however I do not have the same perception as them. What I can tell you is, what I learned from those quotes and what it symbolizes.
     Stand up for what you believe in. Use your pride to motivate you towards your own dreams. Don’t change who you are because someone has a problem with it. No one can see your vision, like you can. “Fuck the past, make love to the future.” -Kanye  Always be original, not a copy. Follow your intuition and your ambition. Even the hardest times can keep you alive, although you have to keep your head up. Give your life meaning. May your life be blessed. Dream bigger than you live and you just might get it. “Jealousy is love and hate at the same time.”-Drake Do what you have to do for you. Your time here, has no limits. Reach beyond your expectations. You’re stronger than you know. You better watch your back before you’re replaced. “Your talent should do the talking, not a revealing outfit.” -Aaliyah Chase your dreams. Don’t care what they think, what matters is-what you think of yourself. Don’t make the wrong choices on the right person. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Think for yourself-don’t let someone or a blog tell you how to live your life. Don’t let anyone cloud your vision. Choose your friends wisely, do not end up with a fake friend. Never give up. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel. Follow through with your dreams. Be greater than your competition. Refuse to lose to what you have. “Success is the best revenge.” – Kanye  Don’t talk about what you don’t know. What is worth doing will take time. “Never let them know your next move.” -Notorious B.I.G Encourage yourself to do the impossible. Do what they said you couldn’t do. Prove them wrong.  Always have faith for better days. You have nothing to lose. Its all about what you want to do and what your plan is to get there. Being yourself can get you in places you wouldn’t have thought of. Find your own success and happiness. The higher your will power, the more motivation you have to fight to win.

These lessons symbolize that if you are really passionate, that is what makes you stand out in a crowd of imitators. Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up. When all your dreams come true, reality will be better than your dreams. Dreams don’t work unless you do. Find your medium to express yourself at your best. You have to know the rules in order to break them. Don’t care what they think-shut out the haters, if that motivates you. Those who doubt you can motivate you as well. Spread your wings and fly. Leave your fears and troubles behind before you take that risk.

     In the form of the beat and how it makes me feel and it physically moves me: I really believe music is what feelings sound like, its a fact. Whenever I cannot explain or describe what I’m thinking or feeling, I have a song or two for that moment.   Owning those designer boots, jackets, shirts…Balmain, Balenciaga, Margiela, Givenchy-sets your status. Tells the haters or whomever that you are better than them.

Music and fashion go hand in hand. What artists wear symbolize their status, their new stature in society. This presents who they really are and shows a little bit of how they have changed. Money doesn’t change you, it changes the people around you. Wealth shows who you really are. It brings out the best in you.
Hip hop culture & fashion go to together like cookies and milk. Its comforting. It feels good and you want more of it to not only feel better about yourself, however its very satisfying to our taste in what’s great.
It will always represent the best status you can achieve. Everyone is talking about the new shoes, hats, jackets, shades, etc. Everyone is always inspired by the greatest music. Its the best music culture to immerse yourself in. This music motivates you to be your best and to be yourself in a world that tries to change you. Their sense of style not only shows how the fashion world is changing, also presents their musical style.
It seems like that artist makes that outfit cool. It shows that artist is very confident and has the courage to wear to outlandish outfits or something that is not normally street wear and is considered to be worn on the runway, stage, film, theatre or Haute Couture. They have the courage to wear whatever they like-even if they don’t feel comfortable with it at first, they will get comfortable.
When that artist is the first one to wear that dress or suit, its like they have made it okay to wear something sooooo extravagant, unexpected or awesome. Everyone wants to wear it or at least wear something like it to imitate that outfit for the ‘cool’ factor.

As long as you have that Balmain, Prada, Chanel, you still wouldn’t care what they say.
Material things does not necessarily make one happier, however it is what we want to be impressed with. In other situations; dresses, clutches, higher heels and statement jewelry does make one happier to present one’s lifestyle choice and their perception of society, and in the Fashion industry.
Wearing high fashion signifies your status of great heights – no need for logos to present your current status.

“I’m not in love in the material things, but I’m love in with the feelings they bring” -J.Cole

Fast Fashion

                                                                            Moschino Fall 2014 RTW

     Fast fashion is like fried food. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone likes it. You want to consume it. It feels good going down. It has got to be delicious. After you have it, you question why you bought it. It did not make you feel good as you had originally thought. It was only for a moment, a trend. Everyone says its really worth it once-but not again. Its cheap. The lighting skews your perception of the item, once you bring it home, its not what it once looked like, before.

Moschino by Jeremy Scott