Outsider Status

      Who is one of them? Why not be one of us? Just because they are an “outsider,” does not mean they should be ridiculed or burned at the stake like the witch/warlock they are. They shouldn’t be shunned away because of they are the misfits and don’t belong. To deviate from the norm or from society’s standards means to prove that we are not who you want to see us. We are not perfect, we have flaws. We are not the standards of beauty, we are born beautiful due to our genes. Just because you think every women should have blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, high cheek bones, perfectly symmetrical facial features, bright red lips, slender nose, perfect chest size, tiny waist, and long legs versus a tall woman with a more voluptuous figure with a round-er ass and higher chest size-does not mean every single woman should fit that criteria. Yes, we come in all shapes and sizes. Being part of the [intelligent] norm is like giving in to conformity. To break from society’s rules and standards means that they don’t exist to me anymore. Screw society!! Screw conformity!! To exist means you have the power to prove you are not part of the standards in reality. Whether it be your unique facial features, your ethnicity, the style of your makeup, your personal style, your lifestyle choice, your status, where you come from or your voice-you can differentiate yourself from others, you can make yourself unique and be your own person. Do not let someone else tell you how to live nor where to live-not even me. Once you’ve found your voice, it will lead you in the right direction.
Just because someone (or a friend) advises you to take a different path than you so desired, does not mean you should agree with her/him. You can accept them and accept the fact they have a different view on their own lives & yours as well. Do what you have to do for you. You don’t have to follow any trends in any shape or form to figure out what your style is. Comprehend what you enjoy most and what you are most passionate about.
     Living like an “outsider” [or feeling like one] does not mean you cannot change your ways and become one of the insiders to achieve your desired status. You can still remain true to yourself and change some things about yourself to become a better person and adhere to the circumstances. If anyone pushes you to be better or to test your limits of their society-so  be it. Prove them wrong that you know where you socially belong and accommodate to any situation and really anything life brings you. So, what if you’re judged in the most subtle way? You don’t care what anyone thinks. What you think of yourself is more important than how others see you. (However, that is curious at times.) How you see the world and what it gives you is more important than someone else skewing their version of the reality to you. Of course, there are some people who tell you what the reality-as a matter of fact-to remind you. I’d rather have a world of my own that cannot by fucked with. Screw normality!! Screw reality!! You can create your own world by not only “thinking outside of the norm,” also bringing that to life. Its you who sees it and no one can see it like you do, its your vision that makes it more alive.
      Of course being the BEST you can be comes with inspirational advice of your own-that’s wisdom. Just because the material things or the experience may appear out of reach, does not mean you shouldn’t go for it, time will pass, do the impossible. You might never know, you could be that gorgeous bird that changes the way we fly. You can create yourself and become your own species in a breed of your own.

“The only limit is the one you set yourself.” -Felix Baumgartner

Follow your ambitions mercilessly.

Thoughts?? Engage.

Power of One

     The typography on t-shirts, hats, dresses, back of the motorcycle jackets and on purses (sometimes) gives each of us a new meaning to our own lives as well as an idea or explanation of an idea we did not comprehend beforehand. Its best presented from those who go against the system and what the world wants them to be.
     As the rebel that I am, nothing changes the world quiet like non-conformity. To this, I quote one of the legends of hip hop, “Never let them know your next move.” -Biggie Smalls (via vrawdopest) To be a rebel means to confidently say, “Screw the system!! Screw society!!” Why follow the rules, while you can mess with them and create your own rules? Also, do not let anyone nor a blog tell you how to live your life, not eve me. Be inspired and motivated by those who see things differently. You do not have to be defined by the world, nor by society. You define who you are. You define how you perceive the world and society.
     One does not have to follow the rules to fight society in order to make a change in this world. I have always believed that if you are the one who is crazy enough to change the world and make a difference, its the crazy ones that do. Find your medium. One must know the rules in order for them to be broken-otherwise you don’t know  what you are breaking. My rule: Do not be a rebel without a cause. Speak out what must be an integral part of this world and make it so. As long as you see it and have faith, your own belief will not be the only action that is being made.
     Being yourself is very important to achieving what is needed for you. You mustn’t care what they say, darling. For what they tell you, is only criticism. You have to be motivated to touch the stardust. Being lured into the trends of fashion and mainstream music can be tempting-we’re not looking for sameness.  “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…the ones who see things differently. -Steve Jobs. What is soooo different and eclectic about you will keep you going. You need to show the world that you can change society through your own medium of expression. Present to the world that there needs to be more rebels, alternative thinkers, those who have avant-garde, eclectic, or classy style, We need more rebels in this world to skew society and the system to represent all the misfits, freaks, albino alligators, outsiders and black sheep.
     No matter how hard you try, do not stop what you are doing until you reach it, however you must expand your dream(s) further. “Fuck the past, make love to the future.” -Kanye West If you don’t like something, change it. Change what has been done in a different way and show the world what a difference you have made in this society. However, you must change with the change. Live you life your way. Everyone has their own perception of reality-choose yours and live beyond its potential.

Have you ever felt so free?

     As a wild creature, you are free as you want to be. You wake to your habitat full of tall trees, some covered in vines, wild flowers around you, wild bushes in the surrounding area. You hear bugs buzzing and flick them away with your tail or ear. You smell the fragrance of after-rain in the morning after the rain fall, the evening before. The fragrance is revealed from the flowers as well, filling the aroma will soft and invigorating scents. The flora which houses fruit plants makes the air even sweeter. While the creature lies atop the branches in the treetops searching for prey to start the day, one is watching the birds fly across the sky in search for a mate and some monkeys jumping and swinging from branch to branch to gather their meal for the group and themselves.
     Like most creatures of this family, they have great camouflage in the density of the canopy and on the floor of the jungle. In the evening, prey who aren’t quick to escape nor aware of their predators within sight or sound are wary of the creature with better eyes in the darkest hours. Of course being nocturnal has it’s great benefits.  With keen hearing like this, even the tiniest sound is audible in a jungle full of species communicating to one another. Being the creature with a killer bite and piercing fangs, its a feat to appease the desire for being a carnivore. The way to do it, is ambush your prey. Clean the hide right off and the consume the meat right off the skeleton from every last savory bite. On the jungle floor, where most meals occur, rabbits, iguanas, frogs, opossums, rodents and fish are intriguing and the prey of choice. This one can thrive in most habitats and adapt to human habitats.
     In South and Central America, this creature can attack any animal without hesitation. However, Law of the Wild states: Kill only when you are hungry. During the time of rest, it is not difficult being absolutely gorgeous with fur like this. Its easy to understand why some may mistake such creature with other creatures of similar pattern of the coat and similar colors. The distinction is in the behavior and the specific pattern on their face and coat. The trick is to hide where no predator (*cough* human *cough*) would ever hunt in such locations. Perhaps somewhere outside the three square mile radius of the terrestrial creature of a beige-brown coat with black spots scattered on its underbelly and a tail with dark colors as well.
     At the top of the rainforest food chain, its not all, “Let freedom ring.” Some may say that freedom is not free and you have to buy your way into and talk the talk. We all know hunting the creature and others like it is wrong and along comes the fear of that creature being endangered. They have got to be super careful about the threatened creature. -Especially when its on the list. It is better to stop hunting the creature at all costs-regardless of their incentive. Its not just the hunt, but the habitat loss as well.
     (I’m not going to be one of those hardcore animal activists and ruin this symbolic post to engage you to help the animals, that’s not what I’m here for. This is a symbol of freedom and a state of mind.)
 I beckon the question, title of this post to lure you in what freedom is-in my own wild mind.
     It would feel like a dark rose-colored heart with dove white-colored eagle wings attached to the heart and flying in into the distance. In the background  is the heavenly early evening sky with white and light grey clouds just after the point of sunset on the horizon. The light in sky that represents the stars, appear as different shades of crystal. Living the life of that kind of freedom means doing whatever the hell you want, traveling wherever you please, being as bold, courageous and brave as you can be; expressing yourself in every way you can, plus using that medium to fuel your inspiration. This also means changing the world in a positive direction, meeting your heroes, those you look up to, your idols,  and those who inspired you to fight for your freedom.
        Living the freedom lifestyle is a way to communicate to others through your medium of choice. Being who you are and knowing what you need  and to want to pursue starts you off on the right path. As you hunt down your dreams and conquering all the evil or the prey to fight your way to stay alive, you have to be that rare creature, unambiguous and of course know when to be seen, You have to know your bait, where to consume your prey and rise in excellence to capture your prey. Its no wonder, “talk that talk” trumps most talent in this industry. You have to be familiar of your kind to compete for title. You must know your predators behind you and know your prey in front of you.
     Being at the top of Freedom food(a.k.a. Economic) Empire means to keep your title and prevent those from being less than they are. It means bringing your kind of species together to keep out those from destroying your Empire, our world. No one should hunt down who they hate, although let them motivate them to hunt down that inspiration.
     In this situation, the symbol is expressing yourself through your sense of style-regardless of what others may perceive it as. Why would it matter that others are judging you or flying from you because you are wearing that outfit from the Runway, its Haute Couture, Resort or its from an exhibition? Impress yourself with that beige coat, with black spots and small rosettes on your hide. Impress yourself with your own wild traits and qualities. Once you have reached that overwhelming feat and overcome your fears and conquered all…that is when you feel so free. -Free as a bird as they say.

Always believe!

Legendary Dream

     The legend says when you are awake late at night, you are awake in someone else’s dream. Curious. I’m awake past midnight almost every night. Who is dreaming about me? Is it one person or is it a bunch of people? I’ve always wanted to know. Hahaha…I can just imagine what they might be dreaming about and why its about me!
     Have you ever dreamed in color that is vividly colorful, its like an HD movie? You can see every detail around yourself and the details on your own outfit. It feels like the dream is much longer than seven minutes. Mostly lucid-of course. It feels like all five of my senses are heightened in my dreams. I am very aware of what is going on, I notice everything and whenever a new moment arises, I realize it immediately. Most people don’t remember what they dreamt about years ago or even last night. It takes practice to recall a dream as if its a memory. Its takes a lot more to control what happens in your dream, a few years if you’re really good.
   What does this have to do with her perception of street style?
Some outfits appear to be “dreamy” or fantasy-if you will. While others look they should be wearing it on stage, in a music video/fashion film or an editorial. That’s exactly how I see street style. You don’t have to be wearing something, because everyone else is wearing it, like I said. Its a performance, to me. Sometimes, I wonder why some bloggers are simply standing or walking around on their blog. I love seeing them in different poses or jumping around and actually moving in their clothes, instead of just, “viewing their fit.” (Seeing how the clothes fit the person with each piece of the outfit.) I want to see the clothes come alive off the photo, the way the story comes alive in a book-use your imagination.
     Whenever I see an intergalactic pattern on a dress, jacket or  pants, I imagine its a mystery into one’s soul. Its everything you could imagine and more. Who cares if you are corrected by them, more insight to you. The galaxy pattern speaks to me on a musical level Whenever I hear the song, “Thinkin bout you,” I imagine stars growing brighter and brighter with each beat as well as multiple stars  gleaming simultaneously as the beat plays at the same time. (Maybe that’s the sound stars make when they shine brighter. That’s how I hear it.) Cue infinity and forever where the black hole and any other galaxy that is far, far, away, where the future is held, “in the stars.” I don’t exactly believe in that kind of thing. The thought of forever has never-ending possibilities(kind of like an over active mind in the evening, when the constellations are visible.) and you’ll always wonder what happens in the galaxy you don’t know enough of. If you’re like me and have seen movies in the genre of fantasy and/or  episodes of the show, “Futurama,” you probably have a good idea about life in another galaxy or another planet, whichever you prefer.
     Depending on the colors of the galaxy print, my choice would be how I perceive the night sky and what is beyond it. If it is a mix of dark blues and bright greens with a little metallic silver here and there: It would have calming vibe, perhaps royal; mixed with power, relaxation and feeling natural; sprinkled with timeless purity.  Outfits like these and the craziness of those usually inspire me in terms of where I would wear the clothes and how I would put it together with the shoes, jewelry and of course shades to either use it in full galaxy form or put it together with some things I see in my mind. If I were in another galaxy or near a starburst, I would be the one that changes the world with a burst of light and inspire you with colors and the colors that changes shapes as often as I want. It is the intergalactic universe, after all.

-Or maybe I’m just thinking its a yellow starburst and its very stimulating and activates my memory.

This is just the Beginning

     At the start of a new risk to change my life into the way I want to live; I present to you the perception of my life and some comments on the [Fashion] society. All of the basic rules do not apply to me-especially those known as common sense for us, fashion people. I believe you can wear whatever the hell* you want regardless of what is trending, what everyone is wearing/talking about, the season, weather, location and occasion. However, one must be sensible when it comes to weather and respectable when it comes to location and occasion.
     I have always seen my life in a symbolic form, whenever I saw it, in it’s darkest and relate-able way. -Sometimes in it’s electrifying way, as well.  I believe what one wears says where they want to go in their own lives and what they want to do. Whether you see it or not, one’s outfit is a reflection of how they feel (emotionally) and what they’re thinking (mentally) and, of course, an insight to their way of life.
     In terms of entertainment and you’re on stage, the outfits relate to the meaning behind the song. That would be in a “Fuck society and what it wants me to be!!” kind of way. That’s how I imagine it, anyway.  
For example: Wearing red  for any stage performance symbolizes narcissism in it’s own obvious way. Its a powerful color that indicates love as well.  The way I see it: “I’m going to show you who’s boss around here!!” Haha 
The greatest fashion lesson I’ve ever learned is dress for yourself, never doubt yourself, and hopefully you will achieve attractiveness to the world and others. But never doubt your own choices. Never be constricted by rules.” -Andre Leon Talley
When I first read this quote, I thought, ‘Preach it!’ That’s exactly what I do and don’t do. I’d rather impress myself than others…case in point: “Perception is always more important than reality.” –Laws of a modern woman
Ooohh btw, weren’t those “fashion rules” created for us to break? I wonder who still follows them.

Also: I just to want say that I don’t like that some people perceive what one wears in a psychological perspective. Annnndd: I don’t remember the source for the quotes I’ll be using. However, I find these quotes from reliable sources and platforms(namely, tumblr).

*I don’t mean to curse, unless its necessary. I usually don’t curse at all.