Hustle Hard

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   “You can be the ruler of a strong empire but still have the mentality of a hungry hustler.” – Lilly Singh   I’m working on myself daily to be better than I was yesterday, to not only improve myself but to keep my vision alive. I’m very hungry for myContinue reading “Hustle Hard”

Equal Measure

Ph. Design Scene  “That’s the position I want to be in, one that allows for mistakes and growth in equal measure.” – Lilly Singh I’m continuing to work on myself in terms of becoming a better dancer, educating myself by reading & meditating. In ways that I am growing is that I read to notContinue reading “Equal Measure”

No Procrastination

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  “Procrastination is a hustler’s worst enemy.” -Lilly Singh I don’t procrastinate all the time, however I have my moments when I need to rest up in order to regain my energy to write, dance & to read. When I rest, I don’t think it’s procrastinating, but it’s a moment to takeContinue reading “No Procrastination”


Ph. Design Scene   “Force deadlines.” – Lilly Singh At this point in my life, this is something that I have to do in order to be successful. I know I can’t just casually get things done without knowing when they should get done. I feel like I need to have a deadline for eachContinue reading “Deadlines”

Be Your Own Boss

Ph. Design Scene  “I quickly learned that I had to be my own boss and set deadlines for myself, or I would go nowhere fast.” – Lilly Singh In order to succeed, we must be our own boss. For me, I have to organize & set deadlines for my day so that I can getContinue reading “Be Your Own Boss”

No Need for Luck

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   “Doing the work eliminates the need for luck.” – Lilly Singh I don’t f**k with luck. I don’t think it’s real. All my life, I’ve been told by my parents & friends I don’t speak to anymore, that I should have, “good luck.” Idn what that means & I don’tContinue reading “No Need for Luck”

Be Consistent

Ph. Design Scene  “Words lie; actions can lie too. Consistency speaks the truth.” -Trent Shelton It’s vital to be consistent in whatever you do in life. You have to keep pushing for what you want & do things differently. In order to succeed, you must push yourself past the limit. As a blogger & aContinue reading “Be Consistent”

The Golden Basket

Ph. Design Scene   “If you’re willing to work for your dream, lose sleep for it and give 200 percent for it, then put all your eggs in one basket and make the basket golden.” – Lilly Singh I have so many projects and ideas for myself that I won’t reveal here until they comeContinue reading “The Golden Basket”

There is No Plan B in Success

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   “I’m going to encourage you to focus only on Plan A. In other words, eff a plan B.” – Lilly Singh   I’ve been told by my own parents & my friends whom I am not with anymore to have a plan B. Thank goodness I am not with thoseContinue reading “There is No Plan B in Success”

Don’t be Afraid

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   “Don’t be afraid to ask for things.” – Lilly Singh   One should not be afraid to ask for what they want & what they desire from anyone. Even if it is help in order to succeed in your goals. It should be from someone you know, you trust orContinue reading “Don’t be Afraid”