Through the Fire

Ph. Fashion Editorials “Nobody achieves great success without walking through the fire.” Jen Sincero For me, that fire is a storm where I feel stagnant in a comfort zone. I’ve been there for far too long. I’ve been praying to get out for four years now. I don’t know for how long I’ll be inContinue reading “Through the Fire”

Top Priority

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “Staying where you are & being bitter is not an option.”  -Jen Sincero    Honestly, I don’t like where I am. I’m content with it because I unable to identify what I feel each day. Once in a while I can identify the emotion if it’s strong enough. I don’tContinue reading “Top Priority”

Change Your Life

Ph. Fashion Editorials    “Change your mind, change your life.” -Jen Sincero     I’m working on myself to change my mindset as well as my mind about how I see things & how I do things. I really want to change my life for the better in terms of getting outside of my comfortContinue reading “Change Your Life”

Don’t Play it Safe

Ph. Fashion Editorials    “If you’re playing it safe & you want to be rich, you need to stop playing it safe.” -Jen Sincero     I know it’s safe in the comfort zone & I have to get out. I’m not sure how to get out of my comfort zone for myself, but IContinue reading “Don’t Play it Safe”

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “You don’t get anywhere sitting around inside your comfort zone.” -Jen Sincero I’ve been in my comfort zone for a while now & I totally understand this quote & as I know a way out of it. I know how to get out of my physical comfort zone. However, I’mContinue reading “Get out of Your Comfort Zone”

New Lands

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “You can’t experience new lands from the confines of your comfort zone.” -Jen Sincero I believe this is true for myself because it is rare that I get out of my comfort zone and I mean in all four aspects(mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually). There are SOOO many places that I wouldContinue reading “New Lands”

Run to Your Fear

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Run face-first toward your biggest fear.”  My biggest fear is that my dreams won’t come to fruition. I’d be devastated if that were to happen. That is not good luck nor is a “stroke of luck.”   I have run face-first towards my dreams instead to make cone to fruition. IContinue reading “Run to Your Fear”


Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Hurl yourself ino the fire.” -Jen Sincero  People have told me, “You’re not ready” “You don’t have the skills” & “You don’t have enough on your resumé.” That wasn’t me telling myself, that’s just what j have heard people tell me. I’ve also been told that my dreams are “delusional” &Continue reading “Fire”

Financial Reality

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Just as your thought created the financial reality you’re experiencing right now, you can also use them to empower what “is” to manifest whatever reality you set your mind to.” -Jen Sincero   I big plans for myself. I believe it is not “beyond” me. It is bigger than me. It’sContinue reading “Financial Reality”

Speak into Existence

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “What comes out of your mouth comes into your life.” -Jen Sincero I truly believe this is true for the same thing writing in a journal and/or blog. I have written in both how much my dreams mean to me & why I have to depart my comfort zones for goodContinue reading “Speak into Existence”