Icy Hot

Its soooo beautiful when a person wears gorgeous dresses in cold temperatures. It makes the editorial soo ethereal and lively. It is one of my favorite kind of scenes. The dresses remind of a celestial place where all is good & wonderful. The location appears to be magical with what she wears. Ph. Design SceneContinue reading “Icy Hot”

Icy Hot

I love it when a model wears clothes for the summer in the mountains while it’s snowing. Its like a comparison of the two temperatures and how one can deal with weather in clothes made for a warmer climate. It’s absolutely beautiful. Also, that backless top is gorgeous. That dress to wear is daring isContinue reading “Icy Hot”


I love it when a model rocks edgy or floral outfits with urban architecture. It makes the whole editorial edgier and wonderful. It adds brightness and liveliness to the whole scene. Wearing black makes the whole editorial more mysterious and authoritative. The yellow makes it more imaginative & is a more precise color which bringsContinue reading “Edgy”


Hailee is a great artist & she looks absolutely amazing in these B&W photos. She looks like a Rockstar in this editorial. One of my favorite songs of hers is Hell Nos & Headphones. It’s sooooo good. I don’t know what it is about fishnet stocking & mesh tops, however it gives a sexy, edgyContinue reading “Rockstar”

Sensual & Strong

Natasha is one of my favorite models. I love the strong images she invokes with the look in her eyes. One of favorite fashion editors, Anna Dello Russo styled this editorial. It looks amazing. I love the romantic feel of it. I believe it is true that when you photograph someone in black & white,Continue reading “Sensual & Strong”

Lady Rose

I don’t know why I am drawn to roses. Maybe it’s the romantic feel & the sensual vibe. It could be that it’s the most beautiful & ladylike of the flowers. On of my favorite flowers is the bird of paradise. It also known as the Strelitzia. I’m not really into flowers, however I amContinue reading “Lady Rose”