My Self Care is Part of my Why

Meditation is part of my self care and that is habitual to my life. In my perception, I believe meditation relieves stress from my life & somehow reveals what I don’t know yet. For example, almost every day I get a little teary-eyed after or during the meditation & I’m not sure why this is.Continue reading “My Self Care is Part of my Why”

Just Different

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “If you’re serious about creating a new reality, you must do different things & think different thoughts.” -Jen Sincero It feels like I’ve been serious about creating a new reality for myself for a while now. The reason I haven’t taken action on it is because of the means I’m on.Continue reading “Just Different”

Comfort Zone

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “The walls of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favorite excuses.” -Jen Sincero I don’t think I have any excuses of why I can’t do something or why I’m not able to do something. I think this is just her opinion, her perception of comfort zones.Continue reading “Comfort Zone”

No one is Wearing That

Its important to wear what no one is wearing because you will stand out from the crowd. Its crucial to your personal style so that you can express who you must become and be who want to be. You will stand out amongst the conformity of trends so that you will shine brighter than youContinue reading “No one is Wearing That”