Universal Energy

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “If you wrap your mind around who you really are, really wrap your mind around the fact you are Universal Energy, & think of it often, you will understand why you are such a big freaking deal.”  -Jen Sincero    I know who I really am, although Idn if I am universalContinue reading “Universal Energy”

Reprogram Your Mindset

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “One of the best ways to reprogram your mindset is through affirmations.” -Jen Sincero     I’m working on improving myself & to reprogram my mindset. By doing so, I am reading business books to educate myself. I believe this helps reprogram my mindset so that I be stronger have a wealthierContinue reading “Reprogram Your Mindset”

No Back-up Plan

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “If you’ve made a back-up plan, you haven’t made a decision.” -Jen Sincero   I don’t have a back-up plan. I’ve never had one. I’ve never had to get one. They’re useless to me. Therefore, I’ve made the decision that my foremost & vital dreams must come to fruition becauseContinue reading “No Back-up Plan”

No Plan B

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “Deciding means there’s no plan B, you’ve yanked in your one foot out the door & now both feet are inside, fully on board, ready to kick some ass.” -Jen Sincero   I don’t have a plan B for my plans for dreams. I’ve never had one before. I’ve beenContinue reading “No Plan B”