Flyest Beauty

I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Natural beauty comes from within. When wild animals are involved in editorials such as this, it makes it look ethereal with the butterflies. It feels like it is a fantasy in the forest where pixies & fairies would exist. (Even though they don’t.) Ph. FashionContinue reading “Flyest Beauty”

Snow Brilliant

I love the look of black & white clothes on the snowy mountains. It looks soooo ethereal & magical. This editorial looks like angels might live here. Not only is it a gorgeous view, but it is full of life & power.  Song on my mind right now: Pound the Alarm by Nicki Minaj. It’sContinue reading “Snow Brilliant”

Icy Hot

Its soooo beautiful when a person wears gorgeous dresses in cold temperatures. It makes the editorial soo ethereal and lively. It is one of my favorite kind of scenes. The dresses remind of a celestial place where all is good & wonderful. The location appears to be magical with what she wears. Ph. Design SceneContinue reading “Icy Hot”