Experience my Situation

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “…I don’t care how insane or hopeless your situation appears to you right now, because it’s not the truth, it’s just what you’re experiencing at the moment.” -Jen Sincero I’ll give you an example of my situation. I feel that I can’t do much because of what’s not on myContinue reading “Experience my Situation”

New Lands

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “You can’t experience new lands from the confines of your comfort zone.” -Jen Sincero I believe this is true for myself because it is rare that I get out of my comfort zone and I mean in all four aspects(mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually). There are SOOO many places that I wouldContinue reading “New Lands”

Inspiration for Your Reality

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Your thoughts inspire emotions that inspire action that forms your “reality.”” -Jen Sincero   My thoughts are the emotions that I feel. My thoughts of what I perceive my life is what others see as “fantasy.” I don’t care about that. I’d wear runway clothes as street wear. In fact, I’dContinue reading “Inspiration for Your Reality”


Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Trying to protect yourself from your fears protects you from experiencing a fully evolved and juicy life.” -Jen Sincero I don’t think I’m protecting myself from my fears, however there are numerous things that I need to pursue in my life. I have mentioned them on my blog before. I fearContinue reading “Fears”

Solution to Stress

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   List one thing that stressed you out this week & come up with a solution to eliminate it.  1) Not feeling like I’m pursuing my dreams   – Educate myself, work on this blog, learn Farsi, practice my choreography & freestyle dance, attend dance class.  Pursuing my own dreams isContinue reading “Solution to Stress”

Work Hard at Your Dreams

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue It’s important to be aware of why you work hard at your dreams. For me there are four layers on my why: Layer 1: I work hard to inspire myself to be better.  Layer 2: Working at my best makes me feel like I can achieve my dreams.  Layer 3: IContinue reading “Work Hard at Your Dreams”

Don’t Give Up on What You Love

You shouldn’t give up on your dream because you have so much to live for. There’s so much to experience in life. There’s places to travel to & people to communicate to in the new language you just learned. You have to network with others to get there. There’s places to be with friends. There’sContinue reading “Don’t Give Up on What You Love”

A Study in Acquisition

Everyone has a dream of where they want to be in life. Some have a plan and some don’t & just let it be to show where they can go in life & just pursue it. If you’re like me, I’m somewhere in between. I have a plan to get where I need and wantContinue reading “A Study in Acquisition”


Be a voice, not an echo.   I think it is important to raise your voice for what you believe in and what you believe is right for yourself & the world. When you repeat what you’ve heard, you are saying what you already know. You should be original, an individual who speaks from theirContinue reading “Outspoken”