The Essence of an Image

  Is there a difference between what looks good, what sounds good and how that makes you feel? The look of an image has glamour, luxury, and power. What I hear from this image is being beautiful and better than yourself. Feelings: confidence, drive, ambition, passion, love   Ph. Tumblr

Fast Fashion

                                                                            Moschino Fall 2014 RTW      Fast fashion is like fried food. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone likes it. You want to consume it. It feels good going down. It has got to be delicious. After you have it, you question why you bought it. It did not make you feel good as you hadContinue reading “Fast Fashion”

I can sell you a Feeling

     Once your enter a world, it can be difficult to extract yourself away from to see for it what it is. But why pull away from what you love? You have to feel like you know that world from your perspective and eager to get to know that world inside and out. Just beContinue reading “I can sell you a Feeling”

All Black Everything Pt. 1

How Feeling your worst can Affect the way you Dress         One of the most frustrating things is not being able to express your emotions through fashion at the time. Coveting things you want and adding them to your “favorites” or “wish list” is like saving that part of the emotion for later orContinue reading “All Black Everything Pt. 1”

This is just the Beginning

     At the start of a new risk to change my life into the way I want to live; I present to you the perception of my life and some comments on the [Fashion] society. All of the basic rules do not apply to me-especially those known as common sense for us, fashion people. IContinue reading “This is just the Beginning”