Don’t Wait for Time

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “If you wait for time to open up, it will never happen.” -Jen Sincero  I don’t wait for time to open up for me.  I have time for the things that I need to do. However, I should be educating myself by reading, but I have a few other thingsContinue reading “Don’t Wait for Time”

Taking Risks

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “Taking these type of risks is about being in charge of your life rather than a victim.” -Jen Sincero   I know I have to take more risks in my life-business wise. Right now, it’s difficult for me to do so because of my situation. I need to take chargeContinue reading “Taking Risks”

Smart Choices

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “Getting rich is not necessarily about working harder. In fact, it is usually about working less because you’re making smarter choices.” -Jen Sincero  I honestly don’t work that much. The only time I do that is on my blog. It doesn’t take that much of my time. I think itContinue reading “Smart Choices”

The Solution

Ph. Fashion Editorials    “Meanwhile, there is almost always a solution right in front of our faces that we’re ignoring because we’ve decided it’s out of the question.” -Jen Sincero   I know what solution is to get out of my comfort zones, it’s right in front of my face. I don’t tell anyone becauseContinue reading “The Solution”

On Wanting Change

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “When you decide to get rich, the opportunities are out there, & while they may take a while for you to wake up to, when you do, it will all comes down to how badly you want change.” -Jen Sincero   I want to get rich & I have toContinue reading “On Wanting Change”

What Success Is

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “Success is not where you are at, it’s about where & who you decide you’re going to be.” -Jen Sincero   I know I’m not there yet & that’s my motivation & I’m working my way towards who I want to be. I know who I want to be inContinue reading “What Success Is”

Desire to Grow

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “A desire to grow is not the same as being negative about where you’re at.” -Jen Sincero The only thing that’s negative in my life is that I am not content with my situation. It’s difficult to go through each day because I am not where I want to be.Continue reading “Desire to Grow”

Fear is Your Compass

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “Let your fear be your compass.” -Jen Sincero There are some things that I fear. One of them is spiders & I have attempted to get over my fear by holding a tarantula. Now, I can be in the same room as a spider & I can kill a spiderContinue reading “Fear is Your Compass”

Overwhelm vs. Calm

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “Overwhelm, just like calm, is a state of mind, and all you have to do is choose which party you’re going to attend.” -Jen Sincero Calm is a superpower. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed about what is happening in my day & what I have to do that day. However, IContinue reading “Overwhelm vs. Calm”

New Ideas From the Universe

Ph. Fashion Editorials    “When you make a decision & alert Universal Intelligence to bring it on, you have to pay close attention to any thoughts & big new ideas that come into your head.” -Jen Sincero   Earlier this year, when I read this book, I became aware of the Universal Intelligence that Sincero wasContinue reading “New Ideas From the Universe”