Change Your Situation

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “You have to be willing to change something if you want to change your financial situation.” -Jen Sincero     There are SOO many things in my life that I want to change in my life but I feel like it won’t happen until I get out of my comfortContinue reading “Change Your Situation”

Financial Situation

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “My financial situation is temporary, it’s not who I am, it’s where I am, money is all around me, I’m a find some & make this happen.” -Jen Sincero I can relate to this because I believe I can get out my stagnant situation. It’s who I am. It’s where IContinue reading “Financial Situation”

Financial Reality

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “We all have the choice to think what we want to think & to take responsibility for the fact that our thoughts create our financial realities.” -Jen Sincero I believe in what my financial reality can be & what It should be, which is basically the same for me. I have expensiveContinue reading “Financial Reality”

Abundant Universe

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “Act as if you live in an abundant Universe(which you do) & have the ability to create whatever financial reality you desire(which you can), & that by doing this you’ll be sharing the most magnificent version of yourself with the world(which you will).” -Jen Sincero This quote is very important to meContinue reading “Abundant Universe”

Financial Reality

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Just as your thought created the financial reality you’re experiencing right now, you can also use them to empower what “is” to manifest whatever reality you set your mind to.” -Jen Sincero   I big plans for myself. I believe it is not “beyond” me. It is bigger than me. It’sContinue reading “Financial Reality”

Manifest Your Fantasy

Your fantasy career can be real regardless of who tells you otherwise. It doesn’t matter what they tell you. They don’t know you. What matters is that you have the power to take your dreams to fruition. It’s your dream to make your fantasy real. It does not matter what the circumstances are. It doesContinue reading “Manifest Your Fantasy”