Choose Freedom

Ph. Fashion Editorials    “When you choose freedom & happiness over wanting to be right or to be seen, you win.” -Jen Sincero     What I really want in life is the freedom to travel wherever I please with no constraints. I want the freedom to buy whatever I want in order to expressContinue reading “Choose Freedom”

New Freedoms

Ph. Fashion Editorials     “When we focus on money instead of working ourselves to death, and get mighty clear about how much we desire to make & what we can do differently in order to make it happen, we open the door to new freedoms.” -Jen Sincero     I’m glad I’m not oneContinue reading “New Freedoms”


Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Wealth appreciates for the appreciative.” -Jen Sincero I’m looking to get the freedom, the wealth of friendship, food, family, money, memories & experiences. It was not about the money, but the freedom to do what I want to do & when I want to do it. I’ve got passion & ambition.Continue reading “Appreciative”

On Being Impressed Pt. 1

Ph. Fashion Editorials   To make a great first impression, but impress people beyond that first encounter, here’s what you can do:  1) Smile for a reason – In response to what they do or say & what they tell you what they do.  2) Listen to understand – Be present. Focus on what theyContinue reading “On Being Impressed Pt. 1”

A Bawse gets it Done

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “A Bawse doesn’t need to always do things the way they’re traditionally done. A Bawse does things however they need to be done, by any means necessary.” – Lilly Singh I never actually liked the normal, traditional way of pursuing dreams. For example, the route of going through a university forContinue reading “A Bawse gets it Done”

Challenge & Intimidate

Ph. Design Scene  “You need to be around people who challenge you, intimidate you, and teach you new things.” – Lilly Singh I hungry for what I want to pursue. And I have been for what seems like a long time. They say patience is a virtue. And a hungry woman is simply a patientContinue reading “Challenge & Intimidate”

Have you ever felt so free?

     As a wild creature, you are free as you want to be. You wake to your habitat full of tall trees, some covered in vines, wild flowers around you, wild bushes in the surrounding area. You hear bugs buzzing and flick them away with your tail or ear. You smell the fragrance ofContinue reading “Have you ever felt so free?”