Support your Friends

Ph. Fashion Editorials  List three people in your life that you believe should be supported because of their hard work & determination. Think of specific ways you can help them.  1) Setareh – Inspire her to her best self.  2) Steph – Inspire her to motivate herself. 3) Karen – Remind her that she isContinue reading “Support your Friends”


Ph. Fashion Editorials  “You can miss that person, but don’t let them define what a relationship is supposed to be.” – Lilly Singh There are a few people that I miss that don’t live too few a away or live on the other side of the country. Everyone has their own relationships or friendships, butContinue reading “Defined”

The Unique Carrot

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “The best relationships are those that not only allow you to have your own unique carrot but also allow to help your partner reach their carrot.” – Lilly Singh   I believe friendships are SOO important in life because you can choose your own family of friends. I get to beContinue reading “The Unique Carrot”

The Mistakes Have Made me a Better Person

I feel that I have done a bunch of bad things in my life. That doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. It just means that I’ve learned my lesson. Now, I’m a kind hearted person with great style & knows how to be herself. That’s important. I love myself because I’ve fought to become her.Continue reading “The Mistakes Have Made me a Better Person”

I Got You

On this election day, I saw one of my good friends at the polls. She is someone who works really hard & is loyal to her friends. I don’t get to see her often because she is studying at med school & working. However, it is so special to see my good friend once inContinue reading “I Got You”