Heart on a Mission

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Doubts, fears, & other people’s rules are no match for a heart on a mission.” -Jen Sincero I’m not so sure what my mission is in order to succeed. However, I know that I want to travel the world & bring my dreams to fruition.   In my heart, I knowContinue reading “Heart on a Mission”


Ph. Fashion Editorials  “Our “realities” are make-believe – whatever we make ourselves believe, we experience.”  -Jen Sincero  I feel like this may sound absurd & odd to some. I don’t see it that way. In fact, I believe that my dreams will come to fruition. I believe that the projects that I have in mindContinue reading “Make-Believe”

You Call the Shots

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “You are the most powerful person in your life, and don’t you ever forget that you call the shots.” -Lilly Singh I truly believe that all my dreams and my projects that I have within my dreams will come to fruition.  There’s no doubt about it. In fact, it’s important toContinue reading “You Call the Shots”

Do What’s Best for You

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “In addition, don t ever feel like your mind, body, and soul are wrong if other people have different ideas about what you should be doing.” -Lilly Singh   This has happened to me numerous times & then I reverted back to my original thinking of what is best for me &Continue reading “Do What’s Best for You”

Letter to Future Self

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Write yourself a letter or create a video diary reminding your future self how much your past self wanted something.” -Lilly Singh I believe this letter should not only include what I am passionate about, but why what I want to pursue is so vital as well.  I have SO manyContinue reading “Letter to Future Self”


Ph. Fashion Editorials  “Teamwork is a major ingredient in the recipe for success.”   -Lilly Singh   I intend to have a team of people who support my ideas & projects once I get them off the ground & towards fruition. The best part of that is that I get to choose the people whoContinue reading “Teamwork”

What you can Accomplish

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  Here are the three accomplishments that were a result of my hard work:  1)Traveling to Australia & New Zealand. (Take that Fomo) I actually babysat my neighbor’s dog at the time for one year in order for me to travel there.  2) Taking dance classes to become a dancer. (Boom) NowContinue reading “What you can Accomplish”

Work Hard at Your Dreams

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue It’s important to be aware of why you work hard at your dreams. For me there are four layers on my why: Layer 1: I work hard to inspire myself to be better.  Layer 2: Working at my best makes me feel like I can achieve my dreams.  Layer 3: IContinue reading “Work Hard at Your Dreams”