I Got You

On this election day, I saw one of my good friends at the polls. She is someone who works really hard & is loyal to her friends. I don’t get to see her often because she is studying at med school & working. However, it is so special to see my good friend once inContinue reading “I Got You”

Glamour & Fantasy

I love the glitz & glamour of fashion editorials, especially all in haute couture. Some may see it as impractical or fantasy because it is strictly for runway or display only. Others may see it as pure glamour that can be worn on stage, for performance, or at special events. I don’t see the glitzContinue reading “Glamour & Fantasy”

Balmain PFW SS17

Olivier Rousteing is a genius at Balmain. Balmain is one of my favorite designers because like McQueen, it is unlike no other. His designs are not only glamorous, but other-worldly. I love it. My favorite things about this collection are the sheer and cut out details. Idn how to explain it, but it looks likeContinue reading “Balmain PFW SS17”

Beach Vibes

I don’t know what it is about beach photos. I’m drawn to them. Maybe it is nostalgia. It could be that the beach is full of only positive vibes. Or that the beach makes you forget about your troubles & everything is sooo peaceful. Whatever it is, I love it! When a beach photo isContinue reading “Beach Vibes”

The Essence of an Image

  Is there a difference between what looks good, what sounds good and how that makes you feel? The look of an image has glamour, luxury, and power. What I hear from this image is being beautiful and better than yourself. Feelings: confidence, drive, ambition, passion, love   Ph. Tumblr