Keep Going

Ph. Fashion Editorials    “Whatever it is you’re shedding, you must surrender the low to make space for the high if you’re going to grow.” -Jen Sincero     I’m working on shedding the things that no longer serve me. For instance, I’m shedding the negativity that sometimes gets to me from the random memoriesContinue reading “Keep Going”

Grow to be the Best

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “We all have seeds of unthinkable badassery inside of us, yet only some of us will allow ourselves to grow.” -Jen Sincero I believe this quote rings true to me. I just have to get out of my comfort zones in order to do so to not only make something of myself,Continue reading “Grow to be the Best”


Ph. Fashion Editorials  “A healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it’s a desire for life.” -Jen Sincero   I truly believe this because I’ve been wanting a desire for the life I have dreamed of & I believe I will get there. I definitely will. It exists, it is there. I just have toContinue reading “Wealth”


Ph. Fashion Editorials  “Moving from my hometown, Toronto,  to a new place like LA was really terrifying, but I knew I had to do it for my personal & professional growth.” – Lilly Singh  I’ve been longing to move to the city of dreams for the longest time. Sometimes, I question when I will getContinue reading “Growth”

Equal Measure

Ph. Design Scene  “That’s the position I want to be in, one that allows for mistakes and growth in equal measure.” – Lilly Singh I’m continuing to work on myself in terms of becoming a better dancer, educating myself by reading & meditating. In ways that I am growing is that I read to notContinue reading “Equal Measure”