No Need for Luck

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   “Doing the work eliminates the need for luck.” – Lilly Singh I don’t f**k with luck. I don’t think it’s real. All my life, I’ve been told by my parents & friends I don’t speak to anymore, that I should have, “good luck.” Idn what that means & I don’tContinue reading “No Need for Luck”

In Order to Aim High…

In order to aim high, you must start high with bartering. You are never going to get exactly what you want, so you should ask for more than you need. Your possible outcomes are ideal, workable & horrible.  If you sell you yourself short & play it safe, you will be disappointed.  Meaning,  you haveContinue reading “In Order to Aim High…”

Thank Your Present Self for the Future Self

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   What will my future self thank me for doing today?  In my mind, my future self will thank me for…  1) Working on my blog – I think this is important because it inspires me to become a better writer. 2) Being fluent in Farsi – I have to workContinue reading “Thank Your Present Self for the Future Self”

Work Hard at Your Dreams

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue It’s important to be aware of why you work hard at your dreams. For me there are four layers on my why: Layer 1: I work hard to inspire myself to be better.  Layer 2: Working at my best makes me feel like I can achieve my dreams.  Layer 3: IContinue reading “Work Hard at Your Dreams”

Insider Status – Hard Worker(Part1)

When I work on something that I am passionate about, it is what I have always dreamed of. Even though is something that I have frequently spoken of, its better to show them how its done. I have thought about it so frequently that I have believed it would happen. It is important to comprehendContinue reading “Insider Status – Hard Worker(Part1)”