Do What Your Heart Says

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “Your heart is the most powerful muscle in your body. Do what it says.” -Jen Sincero For me, my heart always tells me to pursue my dreams, get out of my comfort zones, take my dreams for plans to fruition and make my projects a reality. It also tells me to changeContinue reading “Do What Your Heart Says”

Heart on a Mission

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Doubts, fears, & other people’s rules are no match for a heart on a mission.” -Jen Sincero I’m not so sure what my mission is in order to succeed. However, I know that I want to travel the world & bring my dreams to fruition.   In my heart, I knowContinue reading “Heart on a Mission”

Allow for Experiences

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Allow yourself to experience whatever your heart desires as if this is your one and only chance to take the ride of your life.” -Jen Sincero   There’s SO much that I want to experience that I haven’t done yet, like traveling to places I haven’t been to, eating cuisines IContinue reading “Allow for Experiences”