Be Open & Honest

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “There’s always a way to be open & honest whil being respectful. Anyone who behaves otherwise is just being lazy.” – Lilly Singh  I’m the kind of person who is honest, but not always open to everyone. I believe that not everyone has to know everything about me. If we’re talking aboutContinue reading “Be Open & Honest”

Potential to be the Best

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   “Don’t let disappointment blind you to potential.” – Lilly Singh I’ve been told by a life coach, a therapist & a doctor that I cannot pursue my dreams because of what’s not just on my resume, but also because they think she’s “delusional” & has “unrealistic” goals. I was definitelyContinue reading “Potential to be the Best”

Show 70% or More of Your Energy

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   Here are the four things for when I had showed 70% or more toward a task & it showed.  1) Learning choreography & memorizing it – This is something I am really passionate about. It’s easy for me to show 70% or more of my energy, mental capacity & myContinue reading “Show 70% or More of Your Energy”

Honor Thy Message

  The entertainment industry is not as honest as I would like it to be-then again, where’s the fun in all of it.  I wonder who is really honest behind all the glitz and glam. Curious, isn’t? It appears to be fantasy to some, although that fantasy can be as real as you want itContinue reading “Honor Thy Message”