Be a Bawse

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “You are a Bawse. Keep mastering. Keep hustling. Keep making heads turn. Keep being a magical unicorn.” -Lilly Singh I agree 100% with this statement & I believe in it. I’m working hard to change my mindset to a higher level & become my better self. I just need to depart myContinue reading “Be a Bawse”

Hustle Hard

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   “You can be the ruler of a strong empire but still have the mentality of a hungry hustler.” – Lilly Singh   I’m working on myself daily to be better than I was yesterday, to not only improve myself but to keep my vision alive. I’m very hungry for myContinue reading “Hustle Hard”

No Procrastination

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  “Procrastination is a hustler’s worst enemy.” -Lilly Singh I don’t procrastinate all the time, however I have my moments when I need to rest up in order to regain my energy to write, dance & to read. When I rest, I don’t think it’s procrastinating, but it’s a moment to takeContinue reading “No Procrastination”

Use Your Passion as Your Voice

For me, I express myself just by being myself. I use fashion editorials to express my style & what I am into. As far as dance goes, I express my freestyle at any chance I have in class. You can use your passion as your voice by simply voicing your opinion & what you areContinue reading “Use Your Passion as Your Voice”