Your Emotions are Valid

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “Your feelings are authentic to you and are therefore don’t need revision.” – Lilly Singh This is a great quote that I relate to personally because sometimes I change how I feel depending on the moment or situation. I need to be reminded of this daily & I have this on aContinue reading “Your Emotions are Valid”

On Being Impressed Pt. 3

Ph. Fashion Editorials  How I can impress people beyond the first encounter:  Listen to my jams – feel confident & powerful. Set signals to your brain & set a certain tone.   Speak in statements – start strong & end strong Body language – Feel purpose & powerful, act, talk & walk like a Bawse. Continue reading “On Being Impressed Pt. 3”

On Being Impressed Pt. 2

Ph. Fashion Editorials   How I can not only make a great first impression but impress people beyond that first encounter:  4) Live in the moment – Be interested in what’s going on.  5) Be confident – Dress comfortably: what makes you feel awesome & dress the part. “Clothes can evoke certain emotions in us.”Continue reading “On Being Impressed Pt. 2”

On Being Impressed Pt. 1

Ph. Fashion Editorials   To make a great first impression, but impress people beyond that first encounter, here’s what you can do:  1) Smile for a reason – In response to what they do or say & what they tell you what they do.  2) Listen to understand – Be present. Focus on what theyContinue reading “On Being Impressed Pt. 1”

Potential to be the Best

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   “Don’t let disappointment blind you to potential.” – Lilly Singh I’ve been told by a life coach, a therapist & a doctor that I cannot pursue my dreams because of what’s not just on my resume, but also because they think she’s “delusional” & has “unrealistic” goals. I was definitelyContinue reading “Potential to be the Best”

A Privilege of Being Unique

Inspired by the song: Born This Way by Lady Gaga  It is necessary to be unlike those around you because you don’t want to be a copy of someone else. I believe it is a privilege to be a non-conformist. If you’re not, then Idn what you are doing with your life. You have toContinue reading “A Privilege of Being Unique”


Be a voice, not an echo.   I think it is important to raise your voice for what you believe in and what you believe is right for yourself & the world. When you repeat what you’ve heard, you are saying what you already know. You should be original, an individual who speaks from theirContinue reading “Outspoken”