Reprogram Your Mindset

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “One of the best ways to reprogram your mindset is through affirmations.” -Jen Sincero     I’m working on improving myself & to reprogram my mindset. By doing so, I am reading business books to educate myself. I believe this helps reprogram my mindset so that I be stronger have a wealthierContinue reading “Reprogram Your Mindset”


Ph. Fashion Editorials  “Get out of victim mode & into Badass mode & be diligent about your mindset.” -Jen Sincero Sometimes I feel like I am in victim mode because I feel stagnant, but I know I am not in that mode. The mode I am in right now is working on myself, for myself,Continue reading “Mindset”

Mindset of Wealth

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Mastering the mindset of wealth is choosing to think about money and your reality in relation to money, in a way that will make you rich, not keep you poor.” -Jen Sincero  The way I perceive wealth is having a lot of memories from experiencing life from all around & notContinue reading “Mindset of Wealth”

Invisible to Visible

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “The invisible world creates the visible world.” -Jen Sincero I have so much on my mind that I want to pursue that is more than being the things I want to come to fruition. For example, I’m a blogger & I want to become a fashion stylist & create editorials. TheContinue reading “Invisible to Visible”

Change Your Being

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “When you change who you’re being, you’re basically killing off your old identity, which completely freaks your subconscious self out.” -Jen Sincero   I am working on changing my mindset, which in turn will change myself. I have to get out of my comfort zones in order for change to occur. IContinue reading “Change Your Being”

Do What’s Best for You

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “In addition, don t ever feel like your mind, body, and soul are wrong if other people have different ideas about what you should be doing.” -Lilly Singh   This has happened to me numerous times & then I reverted back to my original thinking of what is best for me &Continue reading “Do What’s Best for You”

Changes & What’s more or less important

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   What are you changing? What has become more or less important to you? First of all, I am changing my mindset to a stronger & more clear state of mind. I want to indicate what’s happening in my mind.  Secondly, what’s more important is pursuing my dreams, networking & travelingContinue reading “Changes & What’s more or less important”

What you can Accomplish

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  Here are the three accomplishments that were a result of my hard work:  1)Traveling to Australia & New Zealand. (Take that Fomo) I actually babysat my neighbor’s dog at the time for one year in order for me to travel there.  2) Taking dance classes to become a dancer. (Boom) NowContinue reading “What you can Accomplish”

Shift Your Mindset

Ph. Design Scene   “There’s a switch within all of us we can flick from SURVIVE to CONQUER. ” -Lilly Singh For me that switch is from my mental & emotional comfort zones to what I am capable of. I don’t see myself as surviving right now, but in the process of going to conquer.Continue reading “Shift Your Mindset”