Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue “Mistakes don’t exist just to make us feel bad about ourselves; They are opportunities that we should not ignore or shy away from.” -Lilly Singh  There have been times when I have felt bad about my mistakes, but that doesn’t stop me from expanding my mind. I don’t have any regretsContinue reading “Opportunistic”

On Mistakes

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue There are four ways to fix your mistakes:  1) Take ownership – No excuse is valid   Sometimes, I have had made a few excuses here & there on my mistakes, but that has changed to the point where I only apologize for it & don’t let it happen again.  2)Continue reading “On Mistakes”

The Mistakes Have Made me a Better Person

I feel that I have done a bunch of bad things in my life. That doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. It just means that I’ve learned my lesson. Now, I’m a kind hearted person with great style & knows how to be herself. That’s important. I love myself because I’ve fought to become her.Continue reading “The Mistakes Have Made me a Better Person”