Break The Rules

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “If you feel like a rule is not accommodating to the magic you could create, draw outside the lines, knock over the pylons & cross the yellow line. Break the rules  & get things done.” – Lilly Singh  I don’t make the rules to my story & to my plans forContinue reading “Break The Rules”

A Study in Acquisition

Everyone has a dream of where they want to be in life. Some have a plan and some don’t & just let it be to show where they can go in life & just pursue it. If you’re like me, I’m somewhere in between. I have a plan to get where I need and wantContinue reading “A Study in Acquisition”

Outsider Status – Albino Alligator (Part 4)

Rare, pure, fierce individual who changes the rules of society by being themselves whole-heartedly. In most cases, not accepted by society due to their unusual looks that are abnormal to the standard. This individual often is infatuated and fascinated by those whom have not seen or experienced this person or animal. As I have mentioned, its importantContinue reading “Outsider Status – Albino Alligator (Part 4)”

Part 3 – Ugly Duckling (Outsider Status)

-An unattractive child whom grows up to be gorgeous in their adult life.-      I didn’t always feel pretty when I was younger. I thought everyone was prettier than me. Of course, encouragement to love myself more and looking at myself(not just looking in the mirror) helped a whole lot. Compliments are necessary!! IContinue reading “Part 3 – Ugly Duckling (Outsider Status)”

Black sheep Part 2 (Outsider status)

 -Causes embarrassment or disgrace due to the departure of an accepted group by society’s standards.-      In my own personal experience, I was called hurtful names while I was trying to fit in to one of the popular groups and shortly after I left, I heard mixed comments. There was some hate and some love(they wereContinue reading “Black sheep Part 2 (Outsider status)”

Misfit (Outsider Status) Part 1

-Unfitting to the situation. does not suit the setting. unable to adjust to the circumstances. –  What is normal, anyway? -Clarissa (Clarissa Explains it All)       I couldn’t tell you how many times I have been in situations and attended parties where I felt like I didn’t belong or I didn’t think I should beContinue reading “Misfit (Outsider Status) Part 1”