What I Want Most

Having the best things in life, the things I want most are a luxury. For example, high fashion dresses, beautiful shoes, eclectic jewelry, & runway-worthy clothes I can wear on the street. I perceive that as street style. It is a luxury to know you are blessed with what you need. However, you can achieveContinue reading “What I Want Most”

In my Fantasy

This is about what I imagine my fashionable life would be, except I’d make it wearable for streetwear & for parties. I’d style it according to my emotions, instead of what’s trending or what everyone is wearing. That’s just not my style. I believe non-conformity is the key to individualism. The best way to beContinue reading “In my Fantasy”

Nautical Stripes

Summer fashion makes me excited from the warm weather and I can finally wear my favorite dresses for those special occasions for this season. The best part of Summer is the feeling of not caring what people think & it’s like nothing can go wrong in this wonderful weather. It’s a beautiful feeling that seemsContinue reading “Nautical Stripes”