A Lifestyle of Passion

The lifestyle that I want to pursue is taking my goals to fruition. I want to make an impact on the world by proving to myself that I can make my goals come alive. This blog is about the lifestyle that I want to pursue & then taking those goals to fruition. The change thatContinue reading “A Lifestyle of Passion”

To Get Rich…

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “In order to become rich, you must connect to your desire for money and the key to doing this is by getting clear on the specifics around your Why?: Why do you desire this money? What will you spend it on? How will it feel to make it, spend it, &Continue reading “To Get Rich…”

Don’t Lose Vision

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Don’t lose sight of who you are because of your situation.”  -Myself  It doesn’t matter of your situation was 10 times worse or 10 times better, you shouldn’t lose sight of who you are. Even if you pray for better days you should be happy about where you are & gratefulContinue reading “Don’t Lose Vision”


Ph. Fashion Editorials   Think of one thing you are extremely passionate about & would live to promote to the world. List three ways to do this effectively without bashing anyone:  1) Perform on stage 2) Tell my friends & my second cousin that I perform   3) Showcase my talent on social media.  OneContinue reading “Preach”

Thank Your Present Self for the Future Self

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue   What will my future self thank me for doing today?  In my mind, my future self will thank me for…  1) Working on my blog – I think this is important because it inspires me to become a better writer. 2) Being fluent in Farsi – I have to workContinue reading “Thank Your Present Self for the Future Self”

Don’t Waste Your Time

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  “Don’t cheat yourself by blazing through your life.”  -Lilly Singh These things take time. You have to pace yourself in life to get what you want. It’s not a rush. Although, some things can be an adrenaline rush, but that’s a different story. I know this is a journey for everyoneContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time”

Where My Mindset Resides

Ever since I have heard of the city of lights, I thought it was a magical place full of dreams that are granted like wishes or won like it was a prize. I’ve known that it is one of the fashion capitals in the world & I can see why. It is one of theContinue reading “Where My Mindset Resides”

How it Would Feel

If all my dreams for plans were to finally come to fruition, it would feel like this. I would make a powerful statement about why you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about where you are from. You shouldn’t feel bad about that all. In fact, it is important to be proud of your roots & your heritage.Continue reading “How it Would Feel”

Use Your Passion as Your Voice

For me, I express myself just by being myself. I use fashion editorials to express my style & what I am into. As far as dance goes, I express my freestyle at any chance I have in class. You can use your passion as your voice by simply voicing your opinion & what you areContinue reading “Use Your Passion as Your Voice”