Universal Energy

Ph. Fashion Editorials  “If you wrap your mind around who you really are, really wrap your mind around the fact you are Universal Energy, & think of it often, you will understand why you are such a big freaking deal.”  -Jen Sincero    I know who I really am, although Idn if I am universalContinue reading “Universal Energy”


Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Badassery comes to those who take risks.” -Jen Sincero   I’m aware that I have to take more risks in my life in order to be successful. I don’t have to explain myself as to why I haven’t done that yet. However, I need to figure out how to get outContinue reading “Badassery”

What Gets Me Out of Bed

Each day I wake up with the desire to chase what I am passionate about. I don’t need motivation because it’s the vision that pulls me. My vision for my life is a secret to all, however only a few have heard the details of what I want to pursue that’s included in my vision.Continue reading “What Gets Me Out of Bed”