When You Feel Good Things are Coming Your Way

If you’re like me & pray daily, then you can feel God has a place for you in his future. Every night, when I pray, I have a feeling the good things are coming my way and it’s coming soon. Idn when, but it is soon. To me, this feels like more positivity is comingContinue reading “When You Feel Good Things are Coming Your Way”

Beach Vibes

I don’t know what it is about beach photos. I’m drawn to them. Maybe it is nostalgia. It could be that the beach is full of only positive vibes. Or that the beach makes you forget about your troubles & everything is sooo peaceful. Whatever it is, I love it! When a beach photo isContinue reading “Beach Vibes”

All Black Everything Pt. 4

          The color black in hip hop resembles mystery and power, authority and strength. The color has an affect on the emotions as well to create confidence and to increase sense of potential. The influence of the color of black in hip hop is to represent the possibility of what that person is capableContinue reading “All Black Everything Pt. 4”