Ph. Fashion Editorials   “Your fortune is your faith. ” -Jen Sincero I agree with this quote because I have so much faith in myself that I believe in myself & my plans for dreams. I know i will be there. There’s no denying it. At the same time, I’m unsure of the quote because IContinue reading “Faith”

Fueled by Passion

 “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”  -Wolfgang von Goeth I have mentioned on this blog that I am passionate about two things, dance & fashion. However, I am obsessed with music. I use music from my favorite artists to inspire me when I dance & it gives me motivation to be moreContinue reading “Fueled by Passion”


I was very disappointed to listen to the news this morning that he is going to be the 45th president. I had stayed up until 2:40am this morning waiting for the final results; hoping for the decision I wanted. Instead, it was “too close to call.” Her campaign manager came to the stage to announceContinue reading “Stronger”