A Lifestyle of Passion

The lifestyle that I want to pursue is taking my goals to fruition. I want to make an impact on the world by proving to myself that I can make my goals come alive. This blog is about the lifestyle that I want to pursue & then taking those goals to fruition. The change thatContinue reading “A Lifestyle of Passion”


Ph. Fashion Editorials  “Our “realities” are make-believe – whatever we make ourselves believe, we experience.”  -Jen Sincero  I feel like this may sound absurd & odd to some. I don’t see it that way. In fact, I believe that my dreams will come to fruition. I believe that the projects that I have in mindContinue reading “Make-Believe”


Ph. Design Scene   “Force deadlines.” – Lilly Singh At this point in my life, this is something that I have to do in order to be successful. I know I can’t just casually get things done without knowing when they should get done. I feel like I need to have a deadline for eachContinue reading “Deadlines”

Manifest Your Fantasy

Your fantasy career can be real regardless of who tells you otherwise. It doesn’t matter what they tell you. They don’t know you. What matters is that you have the power to take your dreams to fruition. It’s your dream to make your fantasy real. It does not matter what the circumstances are. It doesContinue reading “Manifest Your Fantasy”

What It’s Like

I know what it’s like to think of Dreams as fantasy & to want to make them real. That takes determination, ambition, passion & motivation. Others or They may see my dreams as a fantasy & don’t think it’s real. To me, my dreams are soooo real that I know they will come alive inContinue reading “What It’s Like”


 Superpower by Beyoncé  It is important to have power within you to stay consistent & determined to conquer your plans. Even if you are at your lowest, that’s when you need your own power to wake up to your life do things you may not feel like doing or you may not have the energyContinue reading “POWER”