In Your Mind

Ph. Fashion Editorials   “What you can & can’t afford is all in your mind.” -Jen Sincero   I believe I can have anything I want in the world. That includes material things.  This also includes experiences & the success of my plans for dreams. I have grand ideas that I don’t mention on myContinue reading “In Your Mind”

Outsider Status – Albino Alligator (Part 4)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Rare, pure, fierce individual who changes the rules of society by being themselves whole-heartedly. In most cases, not accepted by society due to their unusual looks that are abnormal to the standard. This individual often is infatuated and fascinated by those whom have not seen or experienced this person orContinue reading “Outsider Status – Albino Alligator (Part 4)”

Have you ever felt so free?

     As a wild creature, you are free as you want to be. You wake to your habitat full of tall trees, some covered in vines, wild flowers around you, wild bushes in the surrounding area. You hear bugs buzzing and flick them away with your tail or ear. You smell the fragrance ofContinue reading “Have you ever felt so free?”