Statue of Stones: Pearl

The pearl strengthens inner wisdom, represents new endeavors and human essence. It crafts defense mechanisms into seductive ones and transforms adversity to intuitiveness. The pearl comes in an variety of colors. This pearl represents a successful beginning, faith, purity, protection and brilliance. It also quiets the inner critic and clears emotional clutter. Source & Here & MyHabit &Continue reading “Statue of Stones: Pearl”

Statue of Stones: Amethyst

This is an activating patience and balancing mood, which promotes calm & healing, and enhances a friendly mood, assists in communicating in clarity & love, protects one from poison. The color of this stone represents that the person is sensitive, witty and fastidious, with a desire to be different, and is expansive. Ph. Here Source &Continue reading “Statue of Stones: Amethyst”

Statue of Stones: Diamond

Enhances luck in wealth, clarity, wisdomA lot of people live off diamonds in terms of wealth. They exchange it for cash, inherit the wealth of diamonds or invest in the jewels for something they can have the rest of their lives. The jewels that bring good luck are for prosperity. Ph. Here Source & Here