H&M RTW Fall 2016 PFW

These three are my favorite from the collection.  Blue symbolizes freedom, imagination & sensitivity. White symbolizes understanding, possibility & innocence. The lace outfit symbolizes romanticism. These three are my favorite because I can relate to the free-spirited vibe they give off. Ph.   Vogue


Why would you wear something that doesn’t make you happy? Don’t feel bad for not liking what everyone pretends to love. -Emma Watson Just because something is trendy, does not mean it is something you have to wear. You are not obligated to talk about it. Even if there’s bloggers all over the trend andContinue reading “Happy”

All Black Everything Pt. 1

How Feeling your worst can Affect the way you Dress         One of the most frustrating things is not being able to express your emotions through fashion at the time. Coveting things you want and adding them to your “favorites” or “wish list” is like saving that part of the emotion for later orContinue reading “All Black Everything Pt. 1”